The It's Majic Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the less fortunate members of society. Our strategy is to help them develop their talents so as to earn a living from it. We strive to harness the transformative power of art to promote financial stability. The It's Majic Foundation seeks to address issues of serious concern that the less fortunate struggle with everyday. In partnership with other willing parties we aim to change our society for the better by giving them hope and a better future. Our mission is to mentor, train, sponsor, and promote creative work in order to create a consistent source of income.

Majic Mike is the founder and Chairman of The Its Majic Foundation. He is a multi talented creative doubling up as a producer and performing artist. Majic’s work has been recognized on different award platforms and recently won Afro Pop song of the year at the prestigious Groove Awards which are the biggest gospel awards in East Africa. Mike was born in the slums of Soweto in Nairobi Kenya; he spent his childhood years there. “A lot of people still don’t believe I was born in a slum” Majic says, “the only difference between me and the people who are still there is opportunity”. This part of his history is what inspired his decision to start a foundation. Majic understands the power of potential meeting opportunity. His plan is to provide as many opportunities to young talented individuals/groups to change their lives.


Music is powerful, it is the one thing every culture has in common. The It's Majic Foundation designed a project that uses this powerful tool to raise money for education. The funds raised through this project will help pay high school school fees for the children from Good Samaritan Children’s home in Kayole, Nairobi Kenya. Raising high school tuition fees has been one of Good Samaritan Children’s home biggest challenges. They have in the past had to pull children out of good schools for lack of funds. This project aims to address that issue while at the same time helping these young talented individuals get started in their music career.

Meet B.I.F (brothers in faith). A gospel band comprising five young boys aged between 11-15 years. Different circumstances in their lives led them to Good Samaritan Children’s Home. B.I.F consists of Moses Kamande aka Mose, Marklas Kisofi aka Marky, Moses Jomba aka Jomba, Ibrahim Aringo aka Ibra and Evans Oluoch aka Banso. Their love for music is immeasurable, their passion and drive undeniable. B.I.F will without a doubt capture the attention of their audiences.


This project aims to address the issue of school fees. As stated above, one of the main challenges Good Samaritan Children's Home faces is high school tuition fees. Through music sales and performances we hope to raise school fees not only for the members of B.I.F but for other children from Good Samaritan Children's Home. The project time table is carefully designed so that it does not affect members school sessions.


EY-YO by B.I.F


If you are interested in supporting this project in any way please contact us via our contact us page or through [email protected]